Smart Controller

The smart controller offers intelligent features with full web management and a mobile application that can be accessed by the visitors to control wirelessly through their smart phones certain aspects of the misting system installed in certain locations of the project, as deemed appropriate by the client.

The TecnoCooling ITTS-PRO series smart controller, which integrates pump and fans controllers plus daily and weekly timer with humidity and temperature regulators, can be integrated with the more advanced (W)-Garden smart controller that offers a wider range of smart control features for an entire park, including the irrigation, light, motion, as well as, misting and evaporative cooling systems.

The features of the smart controls can be summarized, as follows:

  • Summary of the status: night/day mode, darkness, rain, external temperature with maximum and minimum records, sunrise and sunset times, date, time, day of the week, energy meter;
  • Wide range of scenarios timers and scheduling;
  • Sensible settings password protection;
  • GPS based sunset and sunrise calculation;
  • Customizable areas control;
  • Custom logic;
  • Alarms and alerts are sent to Mobile devices;
  • Scenarios: wide range of preset and custom ones;
  • Full web management;
  • Control and supervision from mobile devices, touch screens, web;
  • Functional keys and buttons: a button can do any function;
  • Multi language;
  • Features and updates;
  • It can be fully integrated with third parties products.