Odor Control

Odor control and odor treatment for industrial and commercial applications

An effective odor control strategy involves the use of misting systems to automatically disperse and atomize the chemicals or reagents used for odor suppression. The mist type odor control system can be used to operate outdoors, such as an entire landfill area or inside buildings where waste treatment processes occur, water treatment plants, livestock, chemical industry, petrochemical refineries.

The reagents commonly used for odor control may consist of neutralizing chemicals that block the odor perception, odor absorbers which modify the compounds that cause odor, or bio-neutralizers that modify the natural decomposition and prevent the formation of odor by means of biodegrading action.

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KEM pumps: the specific solution for special applications

Our odor control system consists of a high-pressure pump that pressurizes the liquid solution at 70 bar pressure, which is pushed by a polyamide tubing, and sprayed in the environment by patented mist nozzles. Reagents in the form of thin mist with 10 microns diameter droplets, remain suspended in the air and then evaporate without wetting or dripping, making the system very efficient. The neutralizer’s molecules combine physically with the odor molecules, and supresses them completely.

EMergyKool odor control systems feature KEM pumps that are a specifically made for professional high pressure misting applications involving chemicals, such as chemical spreading, disinfection, insect repellant, and odor control. The pump materials in contact with the chemical reagents are made by oxidation resistive materials like nickel, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, Viton, assuring resistance to wear and corrosion and thus suitable to work in conditions of maximum stress.

Moreover, our KEM pump has a built-in digital timer that offers full control of the efficiency of the odor control system by direct adjustment of the frequency of mist spray increasing the advantages on water and energy consumption.

Benefits of Odor Control Systems
  • Odor treatment without wetting the surface
  • Guaranteed droplets evaporation
  • Designed for neutralizing foul odors
  • Low energy consumption and easy system maintenance
  • Low cost compared to other odor control systems based on water atomization
Photo by Ivan Bandura