Tobacco Humidification

Humidification in the tobacco industry

A low humidity level  is usually the cause of several problems arising during harvesting, curing, storing and packaging of tobacco, reducing the quality of the final product and eventually leading to high amount of waste and production losses. Tobacco humidification is a vital part of tobacco and cigarette production facilities to maintain the right temperature and humidity levels, typically between 20 and 24 °C, 55 and 75% for the tobacco processing phases and around 24 °C with 70 to 75% for storage.

Tobacco reacts in few hours to changes in humidity and temperature levels thus requiring a reliable humidity control. Tobacco leaves, cut tobacco and paper are hygroscopic materials. Dry air degrades tobacco properties resulting in shrinkage, brittleness, splitting and weight loss. The right humidity level avoids tobacco to fall out of cigarettes and papers to misfeed on cigarette manufacturing machines.

Custom solutions for each phase of the production process

One of the most common humidifiers used in the tobacco industry is the misting system. Mist nozzles are used to spray very fine water droplets to maintain the right level of relative humidity ensuring that tobacco, paper and leaves retain their moisture content at the correct levels, thereby maintaining their quality from when they enter the factory to when the cigarettes are sealed in their protective packaging.

EMergyKool provides innovative turnkey solutions to precisely meet the tobacco humidity control requirements of each phase of the production process, including the design, supply, installation, testing, and commissioning of the tobacco humidification system.

Benefits of Tobacco Humidification
  • Tobacco humidification without wetting
  • Prevents dehydration of leaves
  • Leaves do not lose flexibility making processing easier and faster
  • Leaf spines remain dry and brittle
  • Leaves don’t crumble reducing loss and saving profits
  • Reduces paper misfeeds on cigarette manufacturing machines
  • Low energy systems with easy configuration and maintenance
  • Uniform humidity levels without wetting
  • Simple and reliable relative humidity controllers
  • Easy and modular installation from small to large warehouses
dried leaves on brown wooden table