Dust Suppression

Dust control promotes safer working environments

In its simplest form, dust suppression is the application of liquid to prevent dust particles to become airborne.

Dust suppression systems are commonly used in quarries, industrial mining and processing, steel plants, demolition site, waste treatment plants, etc…These industries often involve mechanical operations that could potentially expose workers to a high level of airborne dust. Therefore, local and international regulations on dust control are in place to protect the workers by limiting their exposure to respirable dust.

A well-designed dust suppression system allows effective dust control in workplaces, promoting the health and safety of the workers and maintaining production efficiency.

Misting system helps remove 0.10-1000 micron of breathable dust particles in the air

Dust suppression using high-pressure misting systems is the most suitable solution to suppress dust particles generated by industrial processes and material handling. The mist nozzles are installed on a high level and produce ultra-fine water droplets in the air above the emission points. The dust supression system is designed around the principle that the micron-sized water droplets are agglomerated with the dust particles in the air. These heavier, moist dust particles then fall back down to the ground and remain on the surface.

EMergyKool dust suppression system is customized and modular. Our engineers have the technical knowhow to design the dust suppression system appropriate to particular industries, in line with the local and international guidelines on workplace dust control, according to the configuration of the emission points, the typology of the machinery to treat, the intensity, and type of dust.

Benefits of Dust Suppression System
  • Automatic operation
  • Cleanable nozzles
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Low water consumption
  • Dust emission reduction
  • Control drop size to optimize dust capture
  • Modular and fast installation
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