Wood Humidification

Wood humidification for high quality woodworks

Wood is a hygroscopic material that absorbs or releases water depending on the relative humidity of the surrounding ambient air. In high relative humidity conditions, wood absorbs moisture, until obtaining the same level of the surrounding air. Whereas, when wood is exposed to low humidity conditions, it shrinks, warps and cracks, resulting to other issues in the woodworking processes, such finishing, painting and gluing, and make the wood unfit for production.  Wood humidification is the answer to these problems.

Controlling the humidity level in woodworks facilities is critical in any type of production, such as sawmills, furniture production, building component construction, etc. Humidity control ensures the high quality of laminates, adhesions, and paint applied to the wood material. Fluctuations in humidity levels impacts the physical properties of the wood, and can affect the strength of adhesives, causing the detachment of bonded elements.

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Reduce wood dust and particulates

Ensuring quality wood products, wood humidification also helps in maintaining a healthy working environment for employees. The moisture from humidification systems binds the wood dust and particulates, and prevents it from circulating in the ambient air providing a safer space with lower dust pollution.

EMergyKool, being a specialized engineering firm, can provide innovative turnkey solutions to precisely meet the humidity control requirements of woodworking facilities, including the design, supply, installation, testing, and commissioning of the humidity control system. EMergyKool wood humidification solutions are low energy and low maintenance systems that reduce operating costs while improving humidity control. system

Benefits of Wood Humidification
  • Consistent and high-quality products
  • Reduce wood dimension changes
  • Efficient manufacturing process
  • Increase in processing speed
  • Wood dust suppression to protect staff and machinery
  • Low energy and low maintenance
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