Industrial Cooling

Create a safer and more productive working environment

Both workers and equipment in industrial plants often face challenging environmental conditions, such as high temperatures and relative humidity. This is why industrial cooling is vital to provide comfortable working environment for the workers so they can perform their tasks efficiently, and prolong the life of the machineries.

Industrial cooling provides direct cooling to both workers and equipment, and leads to happier employees and bigger profits. Workers are safer and more productive; while machines are more efficient and last longer.

Air conditioning of large warehouses factories, including those which need to operate with open doors and windows, was until now almost impossible with conventional systems. Today, however, evaporative cooling and misting systems became ideal for cooling industrial warehouses and large areas in order to dissipate high temperature emissions and simultaneously save energy. Moreover, cooling can also be combined with humidity control to increase productivity in specific industries.

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The most economical way to cool large warehouses and production areas

Mist fans and evaporative coolers work well over the equipment for spot cooling the machine operators and help reduce heat stress. EMergyKool provides these professional energy efficient industrial cooling solutions using misting and evaporative cooling systems to maintain the temperatures within the workspaces at a comfortable level.

Benefits of Industrial Cooling
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Localized air conditioning
  • Control of dust, gases, fumes and other harmful emissions
  • Immediate temperature reduction
  • Installation costs reduced by 75%
  • Considerable energy savings
  • Easy and inexpensive maintenance
  • Reduced heat stress
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