High Pressure Mist Pumps

EMergyKool offers the most reliable high pressure mist pumps in the world. Manufactured by TecnoCooling, these pumps include the required safety features for proper operation, and is capable to work continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Out of its wide range of pumps, EMergyKool recommends its high end NT Fog VAR that can be proposed in future expansions of this project. The ‘VAR’ functionality is an integrated electronic management system. The pump series ‘VAR’ would allow for any installations, where it is needed to manage different areas independently. The system checks working pressure in real time, and keeps it constant. It also automatically adjusts the power and the pump flow to match the number of spraying nozzles. This makes it possible to divide the location into several areas that can be managed independently and automatically. The ‘VAR’ system is also able to detect any faults in the misting system and when needed it automatically turns it off.

Our high pressure mist pump is also supplied with a built-in digital cyclic timer that allows controlling the amount of misting by programming a timer and setting the duration of on and off spraying cycles on daily and weekly basis. This allows saving a great amount of water without losing evaporative cooling performance.

The pump is supplied with an external by-pass water tank that allows external recycling of water coming from pump head. The by-pass system (BPS) acts as an automatic drainage system: fog system pipeline is always drained into the internal water tank when the pump is switched off, no external drain valves are required.

The Safety System Control (SSC) shuts down the pump in the event of the pressure dropping below 40 bar preventing flooding caused by broken tubing (nozzles pipeline). It also prevents pump from dry running, making it a reliable solution for safe 24-hour running systems.

TecnoCooling high pressure mist pumps assure long lifetime and less maintenance, furthermore a cold running pump increases cooling effect and motor performance, saving energy.