Food Humidification

Keep food products for a longer time

Fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and cheese are largely composed of water. The use of food humidification systems prevents the loss of their weight and freshness, and quick dehydration, brought about by dry, freezing conditions at the shelves or storage areas.

By means of a controlling the humidity levels of the immediate surrounding through misting systems, the moisture content of the foods displayed can be maintained to keep the products’ optimal weight and freshness for a longer period.

Custom humidification system for your requirements

EMergyKool’s food humidification system periodically sprays an ultra-light mist directly onto the product, usually for 1 to 5 seconds every 10-15 minutes. Due to their teeny dimensions, these small water droplets evaporate without wetting, keeping the desired humidity level and low temperature in the surrounding air, and, in turn, reducing dehydration and maintaining product weight and condition. Our misting system can be custom made into any dimensions and can be fitted inside refrigerated displays.

Benefits of Food Humidification
  • Odour control
  • Dehydration block
  • Decrease in the weight loss of the product
  • Longer freshness
  • The temperature naturally cools down its surrounding environment
  • Facilitate the process of ripeness of some types of fruit
man standing in front fruit stand while holding black umbrella