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One of the major issues faced by the modern world is the hot climate. Air conditioners are efficient in small closed areas but when it comes to cooling outdoor spaces, misting technology or water misting system is the most suitable solution. By forcing water, by means of a high pressure pump, through our specially designed misting nozzles, we create a fog made by ultra-fine water droplets with an average size of less than 10 microns. These tiny water droplets quickly absorb the energy (heat) present in the environment and evaporate, becoming water vapor (gas). The energy used to change the water to gas is eliminated from the environment, hence the air is cooled.

Advantages of Mist Cooling Technology:

  • Inexpensive and appealing way to lower temperature by 10 – 12 ℃
  • Less installation and maintenance cost
  • Highly energy efficient technology
  • Suitable for any kind of cooling needs
  • Helps suppression of dust
  • High pressure misting pump and fans which ensures high area of coverage

We offer a wide range of misting products such as Outdoor Misting fans, Portable Misting fans, Misting Lines, Totem & Arch, Eurojet Coolers, Industrial Cooling fans, Precooling HVAC units, Dust suppression systems, Odour Control systems. All our systems are high pressure systems and all the components are made of high quality materials. Our misting pumps can run 24X7 without breakdown whereas, the pumps from other companies can’t last longer.

Suitable For

  • Grocery (Fruits, Vegetables, Fish and Meat)
  • Livestock
  • Dairy cows
  • Poultry
  • Greenhouse cooling system & Garden center
  • Textile industry
  • Paper mills & Woodworking
  • Pre-Cooling & HVAC system and Refrigeration units
  • Warehouses
  • Walkways
  • Beaches
  • Café & Restaurants
  • Parks & Zoos
  • Dust suppression system